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Body pain

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Hi ladies,

I hope your all well! I needed to ask a question as I’m incredibly confused, i have mild endometriosis but have been suffering from pain in my shoulder tips, the inside bit of my arms, wrists as well as my inner thighs and the back bit of my knees as well as pelvic and back pain😫 recently the pains been a lot more prominent and I have this overwhelming sense of fatigue even after an okayish night of sleep. Anyone else suffer from this or something along these lines and have had success at docs? I feels awks speaking to doctor as there’s always something wrong and haven’t had any success recently with my appointments 😑 really appreciate any answers I get!

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I completely get what you mean, I get joint pain and sometimes fatigue so overwhelming I think there must be something else wrong. They are however endometriosis symptoms 😔 I did find following the fodmap diet improved these symptoms quite a lot, especially the fatigue. I did fodmap and not just endo diet as I have IBS too and was trying to figure out trigger foods.

I always find if I’m stressed all my endo symptoms are much worse too, kinda hard not to feel stressed when each day it’s some kind of pain or symptom.

All the best with finding some relief xx

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Hey thanks for your reply! I’ve been trying to cut out sugar etc and stay healthy but this week nothing seems to be working, I’m convinced there is something more as last night I could barely open and close my hands 😫 will try again at docs and see what answers I get x

Hi Sameen, I could have written your post myself! I have joint pain every month which has been excruciating this past week. I could hardly walk the other night, it was awful. The last time I saw my consultant i mentioned it to her and to be honest she completely dismissed it saying it couldn’t be anything to do with my endo. I totally disagree as I’ve had the awful pain in the few days before my period since I was about 14 (I’m 41 now) so it’s been going on for years. It’s always much, much worse just before my period so must be related! I also feel like an absolute zombie for a couple of days and really struggle to get going. I’d bring it up with your doctor and see what they say, hopefully you’ll get some positive answers.

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sameen_x in reply to tessr25

Hey thanks for replying, That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling! I know what you mean with regards to docs it’s hard to describe a pain they’re not or haven’t experienced before it’s frustrating will try again as last night was awful and can’t really cope anymore!

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