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Don’t really know where to go from my negative lap ...

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So I’ve taken in the fact my lap was negative ...

And I had accepted that, until my symptoms have come again with a vegance and I just know this is not normal!! (Severe almost period pain and cramps when needing to pass bowel movement)

(And pain with period and sex and bleeding with sex, but only had my lap a week ago so don’t have these symptoms yet)

I was just wondering what other people did to continue investigations following their negative laparoscopies because I can’t go on like this, as passing a BM is everyday meaning I’m in this pain somewhat every day!!


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I’m sorry your going through this. My daughter is 16 and going through the same thing.the only thing that helped a little is the depo shot but not enough. I’m taking her to a natural path to see if they can come up with any answers Good luck to you , I hope you get this figured out

Sorry your pain has got worse, I had the same, had a negative lap in Feb last year they found adhesions/scar tissue but my gyne didn't think it was endo and the pain never went away and other symptoms cropped up. I pushed and pushed to see a specialist and finally had an appointment with him the other week, he thinks I have recto vaginal endo and wants to do another lap. I'm praying he finds something, I'm feeling really nervous in case he doesnt and I am going mental! Keep pushing for that specialist appointment :) x


Was your lap done by an endo specialist?

I had a negative lap back in December, and just like you I tried to get to terms with it until my period, pain and other symptoms kept getting worse and worse. I could not cope any more and decided to "invest" a bit of money on myself and took the plunge to book a private consultation with an endo specialist. I sat for 1 hour in his office and he listened to everything I said, he was baffled by how previous doctors and gynaes treated me and dismisses my symptoms, I told him I thought it was all in my head sometimes and he told me that no pain is in our head, that something must be wrong and we need to investigate again. He has put in place a short and long term plan of actions with different options depending the outcome of my lap that he referred me for in September! As he is also an NHS consultant, he referred me back to his NHS clinic as I was a self funded private patient.

Now I'm preparing myself for any outcome following this second lap, but I am confident that I am in good hands and I have other routes to go through if the lap comes back negative again.

Don't give up and suffer in silence! If you have any questions don't hesitate! Good luck! Xx

Thank you all so much!! I haven’t ha day follow up yet (and was very dazed when he spoke to me) but I remeber seeing the pictures he took and them looking all healthy. Then he mentioned something to do with bowel issues - which could be a plausible explaination so will wait and hear what he thinks - BUT I have already had a colonoscopy previously and that was clear so I’m going round in circles and I’m so fed up :(

Getting a diagnosis is such a mission!

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