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hi all, i had my surgery a week today to see if i had endo.

I woke up from surgery and asked the lady that was checking on me if they found any endometriosis, she told me yes a little bit.

I then had my surgeon come and see me to be told no endometriosis was found but i had a small cyst, i was confused and sleepy at this point so i didn't ask him any questions. well a few hours later i was talking to the nurse on the ward and told her i was confused as to what was found as i was told two different things!

the nurse got my notes and was confused also because my surgical notes said cyst on right fallopian tube and my discharge notes said cyst on left ovary. to cut a long story short there was a phone call to the surgeon and infact it is a cyst on the left fallopian tube.

i have never heard of a cyst on the fallopian tube and he didn't remove it. i had so many symptoms of endometriosis and i wouldn't of thought a small cyst would cause me so much discomfort and pain.

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Hallo I suggest another appointment with your surgeon to find out the facts. Ask:

What size is it? In general, they’re reluctant to remove anything smaller than 2cm.

What type of cyst? You could have a simple cyst, or endometrioic (also known as chocolate) cyst, or something else. I suggest Googling these.

If it’s chocolate, how are they going to monitor it? Because it might grow. In my case they were removed, along with my left fallopian, only to grow back somewhere else.

And yes, the little darlings can cause pain and/or discomfort. And if they grow and burst, the pain is like nothing else.

I’m not saying this to scare you. I want to make sure you know what you’re up against so you can have any relevant treatment.

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