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How much longer!!


I can’t take the pain this so fed up

So I was diagnosed with Endo last week Monday and scheduled for an MRI, which went just fine, however on Sunday morning, I was rolling around in agony and getting pain in my left side (my largest cyst is on my left ovary). Anyway, long story short, I called 111 and visited the out of hours clinic, only for the doctor to send me straight to hospital for them to treat a kidney infection. I’ve had so much pain from the ovary, I didn’t even notice a urine infection and left in treated, it spread to my kidney.

So I’ve been in and out of hospital every day for the last three to get IV antibiotics, but I keep ending up nearly kept in, with increased heart rate and high temperature. Along with everything else, I have PERMANENT nausea and yesterday consumed only 4 ginger biscuits and 3 small plastic cups of water all day. Thankfully the hospital gave me some anti sickness medication for that...

Nothing in my bowel or intestines seems to work properly right now...I’m always constipated, or gassy (or both) which in turn causes swelling and puts pressure on the ovary,

And so I’m back to where I started, rolling around in bed, crying my eyes out and wishing they would just remove it all, even though I haven’t had any children....just had enough....

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I'm so sorry you're going through all of that!!! I know it probably seems like you can't catch a break right now, but you're absolutely not alone in this. We all understand and feel your pain. As hard as it is we need to keep picking ourselves up, and in my opinion you've done the exact right thing by calling 111 and going to seek medical help.

I can sympathise with the bloating, constipation and nausea. Sometimes I find it an absolute struggle to even get out of bed. All we can do is keep fighting. Keep your chin up and I hope things get better for you soon x

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! It’s nice to hear people who understand...I feel like my family and friends are starting to run out of patience...and sympathy!!!

Thank you again for your kindness x

I know how you feel, I’m at the stage where my op can’t come quick enough in so much pain been in bed for 2 days x

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