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So confused..endo or gastro? Maybe TMI


Hi Ladies,

I had my lap last Nov where they removed endo on pouch of Douglas and uterosacral ligaments, however I was expecting them to find it on my bowels etc as I am in agony and bleed from my back passage etc, but I got the all clear.

My symptoms improved after the lap, however getting the familiar pains back. I have been to the doctors. They have tested me for food intolerance etc...come back -be.

I have been for an ultrasound and a colonoscopy....also came back clear....

So I don't know what is going on...gastro and endo team both don't have an answer. I have however noted that it is approx 1 month since I bled (from back passage...sorry if tmi)...So maybe endo pattern even though bleed free on pill?

Or I have got a very tender belly, though gastro don't have an answer for the bleeding.

Does anyone share this experience or similar?

TIA xx

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