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Different types of abdominal pain?


Hi guys..

My diagnosis of Endo is still ongoing.. 2 gyneo appointments, countless doctors apps and numerous tests.. I’ve decided to start the contreceptive pill to see if that eases my symptoms.. which will hopefully give an indication on whether I have Endo or not.. rather than going straight to a lapro..

My question is.. Do any of you guys have different types of abdominal pain? Sometimes I experience pain directly in one of my ovaries, usually on the right hand side.. Sometimes it’s on both sides and sometimes I have random pains higher up.. Near my belly button and mid-drift.. Do any of you guys experience this?

My symptoms currently include:

- Bleeding after sex

- Abdominal pain

- Pain before period / during ovulation

- Changes in bowel movements

Anyone’s stories on the different areas of abdominal pain they have experienced with Endo would be much appreciated!!

Thank you! Hope everyone is well 💙

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Hi yeah I’ve experienced all of that pain but not with sex, thankfully! I’ve put up posts before and suggested dietary changes, as it made so much difference that I was pain free. I would advise anyone to see a endo specialist. I went private for a consultation as was seen within weeks then back on to nhs list. In my experience my local hospital gynae doctors didn’t have enough knowledge. It was hit and miss and they either offered the pill, injections or coil. Get help from someone who really knows and cares about you, research dietary changes needed to slow down the inflammation and get answers. Xx

Thank you for your reply! I will have a look into dietry changes 😊 Although I am a healthy eater and don’t eat much processed foods.. But i’ll take a look, you never know! x

Sounds to me like you'll need a lap eventually, but I do hope the pill works for you.


I'm in a similar situation as you; have had the oral contraceptive pill, which worked for a couple of months but then I had severe headaches and high blood pressure, so I had to stop it.

But the pain.. it varies not only in location, but also in nature! I had (and still have) stabbing pain in my right lower back and burning pain through the right flank. This led to the provisional diagnosis of renal colic, but my kidney scan was clear!

I am now experiencing pain slightly to the right of my navel, which is cramping in nature and also right on the edge of the right hip bone (THAT makes me feel really nauseous, although they're all quite severe).

I also have weird right shoulder pain, which also happens at this time.

They all seem to take turns in tormenting me, but I should be grateful that they don't all occur at at a the same time! Think I would pass out.

Have my lap on 17th August so hope and pray that they find.. something and treat accordingly as the pain is getting worse every month. Xx

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