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Diaphragmatic Endo but no menstrual/pelvic problems?


Hi again!

I’m wondering...

I suspect I have Diaphragmatic endometriosis (all the symptoms are there EXCEPT heavy periods/excessive abdominal or pelvic pain/unusual bleeds.

Would this mean it isn’t DE?

I couldn’t see why it’s not, but I just wondered if anyone else’s symptoms are the same as mine.

L x

Ps. SHOCKING lack of help out there. So glad I found this site. x

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I have all the symptoms of diaphragmatic endo but it was clear during surgery, surgeon said I had endo high up my pelvic wall (it's all over pelvis) so said it could be irritating that area x

Hi Laura, it is shocking that help is limited, absolutely with you on that one.

You say you don’t have the typical heavy periods/excessive pelvic pain etc so just interested what symptoms you do have?

Just for your research and in case any of this sounds familiar; my symptoms got worse with time; for years and years I have had nausea, headaches, dizziness, joint pain, low moods, stabbing pain during sex, chest pain, digestion problems (constipation and the need to go urgently, terrible pain/cramps with bowel movements) and have been to the doctors so many times and sent on my way! This I believe caused me to become quite anxious so add anxiety to the list!

Last year I started to get a dull ache that gradually got worse on my left side under my ribs and also a bit lower in my pelvis so I went back to the doctors. I also thought it could be diaphragmatic because of where I was feeling the pain.

It got to the point where I felt like my insides were being carved out. But I have not had the typical heavy periods or unusual bleeds, because I’m 34 and wanting a family the doctor referred me to a gynaecologist for a scan for fibroids as they can scan for that do easier to diagnose that endo. After a long process backwards and forwards I had a diagnostic lap where they found endo and adhesions. Not on my diaphragm but high up on the pelvic wall as well as other places. I’ve had it removed and not 100% better but much better than I was :-)

My advice would be, carry on doing your research, keep a diary of EVERYTHING you are feeling and go to the doctors. Try to move things forward as it gets worse month by month and only a diagnostic laparoscopy can determine if you have endo so the sooner they look inside the better.

Sorry for the essay but I hope it helps a little :-)

Also going to answer your other question about sex!

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