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Need help


I have severe endometriosis stage 4/5 I’ve just failed my first IVF cycle , I’m 33 can anyone advise me if pregnancy will even be possible when I have the condition so bad?ive had surgery but from a recent scan found out the endometriosis is back as bad as ever. I’m so lost and don’t know where to turn or what type of treatment to seek. All advise so very welcome?

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I have stage 4 endo - diagnosed about 10 yrs ago. I'm now 42 with 7 yr old twins - the result of second cycle of ivf (first one failed). Just wanted to offer some hope and send best wishes.

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thank you so so so much that's so good to hear. I'm gutted the cycle failed I only got one egg and was praying my heart out but no joy. I'm so pleased you have came out the other side with 2 wonderful children xxxxx

Sorry you’re struggling... I didnt know there was a ‘stage 5’! On a positive note a family member has just announced their first pregnancy (natural conception) after many years trying, at the age of 41, with severe endo

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I've been told stage 5 is really just a bad stage 4. I'm hoping some day I'll have a similar story to you xxxx

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