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Feeling a bit out of the know

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Hi, I'm looking for some additional advice/ info on your consultation stories and what happened next.

I had my consultation on July 9th and only through me asking questions such as "am I having the full slice or keyhole? Are you taking anything out? " Do I know that on 6th Aug I'm having a laparotomy with removal of left ovary, large cyst and I would assume the endometriosis?

My surgeon was really unhelpful, he hasn't told me what to expect, how long I'll be in hospital for, or why they're choosing this over a hysterectomy when that was my preference given historical cervical cancer in the family.

Before you ladies went into hospital did you have all this information? I'd also like to know if they are intending on lasering the Endo... Am I over thinking and just need to go with the little info I have or do I follow my gut and get some more answers before going in? It was gp who told me I'd be having my tube tied too... I'd of thought the surgeon would have offered me all this 😞 feeling more and more worried as the days draw in.

Any help would be appreciated x

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Hey, I'm so sorry to hear your surgeon hasn't been forthcoming with the information.

I would definitely follow your gut instinct and ask him to fully explain the procedure, the risks and the expected benefits. At the end of the day this is your life and you need to have all the information to be able to make an informed choice.

I would maybe speak to your consultants secretary or if you are unable to I would speak to PALS.


Thanks so much for your reply, got the pre op today so will try and find out more info then. Hope you are doing well xx

I hope you got all the information today you needed. 😊

Im doing a lot better for the first time this year I am trying to go back to work. Thanks. Xxx

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