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Should I have received written information after my surgery? My discharge notes say I have done but I haven’t?


Hi ladies.

Sorry if this seems a stupid question and having had 4 surgeries ( includes 3 laps) I should know.

I had my lap ago two weeks on Monday.

I got my discharge notes which include;

Laparoscopic excision of endometriosis,

States biopsy was taken,

Details of painkillers given which was morphine,

It says under comments - verbal and written information given.

Details of follow up appointments to see my endo surgeon in a months time & to see my fertility doctor in 3 months time.

I had an issue happen after surgery ( it’s gross I bled and lost diarrhoea vaginally which has been happening since my miscarriage last year )

Because of this issue the doctor on the ward wouldn’t let me leave until she had spoken to my surgeon and he wants to see him in a month and I’m to go to my GP if it happens again; it happened Tuesday and she has written on Wednesday. Originally I was going straight back to my fertility doctor until that happened..

I tried finding out what had happened to my appointments; they sent me one to see my fertility doctor when I am registered at a different hospital with him and my surgeon secretary knew nothing about the appointment 🤦🏽‍♀️ she promised to call me back last week but of course she hasn’t.

I’m hoping my GP letter can help me get the appointment pushed forward.

I don’t want to speak his secretary again she made me feel like I was stupid. xoxo

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Every patient can ask in writing for a copy of the surgeons notes on your operation detail etc.

I was going to but didn't.

I was confused over pathology report but this was for hysterectomy, maybe they are waiting to write out with the results of your biopsy?

For the sake of a 1st class stamp write and ask them to provide it as it will give you leave of mind.

My 8 week follow up was like he was talking about a different operation comparing this to what he said to me post Op!

He was ill with a cold and perhaps wasn't fully on the ball when discussing my case.

I really wanted clarity and others on here suggested I wrote to then to request my notes its perfectly legal and routine to do so.

Good luck.

Has no offering of what you vaginal diharea may be been suggested to you? Nothing?

Good luck!



Thank you.

Because of the diarrhoea vaginally I was due to see my specialist within a month or sooner if it happened again; it has and I spoke to my GP and she has written to my surgeon. It even states I need to see him within a month. One GP examined me and thinks it’s anal fistula.

However I got my appointment letter and I’m not seeing him till 12th September which is 2 months post op. Some people will say that is normal waiting times but I was told and i needed to see him in a month.

I have contacted PALS and they are investigating it I also stated I don’t have my surgery notes and it’s causing me stress.

I’m sorry to hear what you went through. xoxo

They’ll go through this in your follow up outpatient appointment - mine was 3 months after my op. That said, you can arrange a call with the nurse on your consultants service and she can talk you through the results, just call and arrange a suitable time for her to have he details in front of her.

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