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Diaphragmatic Endometriosis?


Hi I’m new here!

Joined because I’d like some more info.

I’ve been tracking my periods and all it’s related symptoms on the Clue app (which I highly recommend) for the past two years. I’m not looking to get pregnant, so I like to know where I am in the month.

Here’s what I’d like to know more about:

I noticed that since I’ve started tracking, I suffer excruciating shoulder/neck/arm pain on days 1, 2, & 3 when I have my period.

Sometimes the pain travels into the right hand side of my chest and down the right side of my stomach, just below my rib cage.

Right at this moment, I’m on day 3 and I’m in agony. I feel nauseous it’s so painful.

After a little google of “pain right side period tapped wind feeling”, the first thing that appeared was diaphragmatic endometriosis.

Now I’m not one to go OTT with symptom checkers, but I do like to research. The reasons I believe it’s this is simply due to the fact that a) I’ve tracked it and it’s been this exact same situation for at least two years now. Bang on, every period, same days every time. Never in between period either.

And b) a symptom of DE is referred pain - oddly when I put heat on my stomach area (where the endo apparently is), my shoulder pain gets better.

Anyone else had a similar problem?

I’d like to do a bit of my own research before I see a doctor.


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Hi Laura. I have exactly the same symptoms and after a lot of tests and consultations they found out I have DE as well as endo in my lungs this was found because of a bleed! I am now on prostab every month and can’t have any breaks due to the pain and the severity of endo. I’ve always found heat helps a lot. It’s worth speaking to your gynae about it. Xx

Hi. I seem to get pain on my right side just below my ribs for a few days per month. I've even had endoscopy and scans for gall bladders!! Latest diagnosis was adhesions post laparoscopy, surgery etc, but I think it could be endometriosis. Seems to start there and over a few days progress to where ovary would be and then onto bladder area. Am on list for another laparoscopy!


I've right sided rib pain monthly too for the last few years. Also deferred right shoulder pain. At Xmas it was so bad that I couldn't breath from the pain. There's a thoracic endometriosis/lung endo group on Facebook which may be helpful. I've had tests for gallbladder etc. but it was fine. The specialist I'm under said he looked on my last laparoscopy, but I'd read in Dr Redwines 'endopaedia' site that the patient has to be tipped to the left side to observe under the lung (and my surgeon didn't do this). I'd look for someone who's worked specifically with diaphragmatic endo as I think it's hard to spot. Good luck.

Hi Ive always wondered about this too as I get bad rib pain before my period and a nerve kind of pain in my left shoulder, just like the gas after the lap actually. I visited a bsge specialist team and they had no idea what it was 🤔

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