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Fertility worry, advice needed on how to cope


Extremely struggling, in this last month people all around me are announcing they are pregnant or just given birth.

Whenever i have been told someone I know is pregnant I am happy for them but then can’t stop myself breaking down. I just can’t help sobbing....

I have tried talking to a family member about my feelings but it hasn’t helped. Also my boyfriend doesn’t understand and in an argument last week he told me “you can’t have a baby”. I know this was said in anger but it has really hurt me.

Since I was tiny I have wanted to be a mum and then being diagnosed last year the worrying began. But I had surgery to remove the endometriosis but it has since started to regrow and chocolate cysts, so this has caused the worry to increase.

I just feel so alone and I need some advice on how to stop worrying about being infertile x

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Hi Summer_3

The way your feeling is completely natural and I promise you, your not alone, so I hope that gives you some comfort.

Unfortunately we all reach a time in life where people are announcing pregnancy and giving birth seems to be everywhere and I definitely know how hard it can be not to let it upset you.

Though, getting upset and putting yourself under stress will only make things worse for your chances of trying to conceive.

Maybe speak to your GP to see if there is any local support for you talk too? Otherwise, try to stay positive and put it to the back of your mind (as much as you can).

I have seen so many success stories from people who never thought they would have children due to Endometriosis, so stay positive. X

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Thank you.

I have never thought of it that way, the point you made at already knowing the cause and not just wondering for years.

I have briefly looked at other options but I think I am going to really open up to my specialist about my worries and concerns. To see if they can help in anyway. I have a little dog, he stays in bed with me on my bad days. He’s completely spoilt and act like a baby. I will try some humour, as I need a good laugh.

Thank you for your reassurance and support. After a goodnights sleep and these comments, I feel stronger today x

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