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Internal examinations


Hi everyone.

I just wondered do most people that have endometriosis get pain when having internal examinations? I.e. anything with the speculum?

I have always had this and I was always told it shouldn't hurt but it always has for me.

I have finally been refferes by the doctors (thanks to some amazing help on here with guidance and support if what to say, thank you!) To the specialist at the hospital. I know they are going to have to do examinations so I wondered if the pain would be down to endo? (If that's what I have got)

Thanks again!


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Hi I get pain with internal examinations too. Also after a smear test im in a lot of pain for a few day, similar to period pain. You could ask them to use a small speculum if possible as that should be easier? They might not have to do an exam as I never got one at my first appointment. Just explain to them how painful you find it and hopefully they will listen, they need your permission to do anything. Doctors have always been confused why I find it so painful so I dont think they realise that it can aggravate the pain. Good luck!

Hi - I have always had pain with any sort of internal. I have been told off by an older nurse at my GP surgery who tried to give me my last smear but had to stop because I was in pain and she couldn't find my cervix. Since then I found out after years of pain and infertility that I have endo stage 4 and adhesions that means I have a 'frozen pelvis' - I have no free space anywhere so an internal would always have been painful. I only found out about the endo and adhesions after a failed attempt at a radical hysterectomy. Now I don't care - if anyone comes near me with a speculum I say 'no - look at my notes and my photo's from my failed hysterectomy and subsequent lap - I can only have an internal when I am under unaesthetic' - they never argue with me then or call me a 'silly woman' like the nurse at my surgery did.

It always hurts for me to the point I cry. I get cramps for a few days after as well. I explained to my most recent gynae it hurt and he was really nice and gentle. He talked to me throughout it and knew it hurt just by looking at my face and swearing 😂 he was constantly apologising.

The gynae told me I have adnexal tenderness and I still have no clue what that means apart from it’s to do with the uterus and ovaries.

I think it can be a sign of endo but hopefully the endo specialist will help you out a lot and listen to you. They definitely know their stuff as I saw one at spire privately xxx

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