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Rubbish day today

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Hi. I just needed to write this as I am feeling fed up and frustrated today. I have been diagnosed with endo for about 12 yrs and had surgeries,hormone treatment and pain killers to last an eternity!! After a month of no or very little pain I have woken up to feeling like I have been tortured!!!☹ Just a bit fed up as I wanted to do so much like general chores and meeting a friend but stuck in bed (where its so hot with this heat) with my hot water bottle(my best friend😉), and good old painkillers!

Sorry if I am rambling it can just be draining and although I have a great support around me no one has endo that I know and they do their best but don't know what it is lile for the daily slog just to be "normal". I dont post on here often but just wanted to say thanks for listening and if you are having a pain day you are not alone so do your best and remember people are here to listen to your rants,worries or woes 😀

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Oh Jess I wish you were here as I’m having a bad day too. I’m on the sofa chock full of painkillers. I’ve had Endo symptoms since I was 14 but diagnosed aged 34 and I’m now 41! I’m the best I’ve ever been after 6 months on zoladex and hrt. I saw my consultant yesterday who did a pelvic exam and I’ve been in pain since. I’m not sure I can tolerate a hot water bottle in this heat but could do with one.

I hope you feel better and I agree this site is the best support

Best wishes x

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Jess_85 in reply to ccsmith

Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. I managed to crawl to the front room as it is so hot with the heat and im in so much pain but I have to keep the hot waterbottle as it's one of the best things for me in regards to relief. I hope you feel better soon. Every time I see my gynae I beg them not to do a pelvic exam as I know I will be in agony the next day.

Thats such a shame they took so long to diagnose you I was lucky that my husband stuck up for me and refused the answers the gps gave me at the time (i think he was fed up of feeling useless in anything else so was on a mission to getting a diagnosis) that was nearly 14yrs ago and im 33 now! I now have a great gynae he's just in so much demand so I have to wait as we cant afford private. I just keep focusing on the good days now as there is no cure and I don't want to look back and say endo destroyed my life.

Hope you feel better soon and Im sure we will be back up and about again soon (fingers crossed!!)😀

I’m the same. Totally fed up at the moment with it and feeling really done. Been living with this for 9 years now and don’t know how much more I can take. Like the other lady said only time I’ve felt ‘normal’ was when I was on zoladex and HRT for 6 months.

Hope you get some relief soon xx

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