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Advice 1st ivf appointment Friday


Hi everyone 👋

I’m posting really to get hopefully some opinions and positive stories.

I have endo stage 2 diagnosed in Feb 18. I had 2 blocked tubes one of which the consultant managed to unblock but he said our chances were still slim and to go for ivf. I have my first appointment on Friday morning. I am both excited and anxious I have seen so many ppl both gain and lose their miracle babies and chances. I am trying to be very realistic.

So - basically has anyone had their endo pain/symptoms stop them from getting pregnant or has anyone had awful symptoms and still managed to get a positive outcome.

I’m scared that if we get our funding, my

Endo could cause me to be “throwing away” my nhs rounds.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated

Thanks in advance

Kelly xxx

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I have a positive story for you 😊

My lap diagnosed endo on my ovaries (one 90% covered), appendix, p.o.d, uterus and bladder with adhesions sticking my bladder and uterus together and overy to my appendix. My husband and I went through two iui's (I don't think these are offered anymore) and then got pregnant on our first round of ivf. My hubby also has a sperm problem too so our odds weren't fantastic. I had a great pregnancy and natural birth so do keep your hope. I would also say I hate needles but managed to do my injections myself, they really aren't that bad. Also egg collection was fine, no pain or after effects. Stay positive, it's one hell of a journey but so worth it in the end. The health unlocked infertility forum is great for advice and support too. Good luck xxx

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Thank you so much for this you will never know how much it has comforted me and the hope that I feel.

It is supportive to know that someone with this condition went on to have ivf work and go to full term. I’m so pleased for you and truly thank you for your reply.


Hi, I'm currently 7 weeks pregnant and have very similar symptoms. Had both tubes blocked and stage 2 endo. We actually had been offered IVF and am on waiting list to unblock tubes. But this happened naturally by a real miracle after 18 months of nothing. I have been managing my pain through diet mainly. But have been eating a bit of everything so had some pain but really seems to be going OK so far. Got a viability scan next week to see if there's a heartbeat but already seen it's in the right place (eptopic is increased risk) and has what is expected at 5 and half weeks. Good luck. I don't see any reason why you can't have the same. Just look after your body and it'll do same. X

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