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Laroscopy due next month


Hi I'm having a loroscopy next month to finally get an endometrioma cyst and hopeful more endometreosis removed so I can live a happier life. It's my first one, could anyone give me and tips or advice for pre op and post op please? Also I am so fed up of feeling fed up, in pain, feeling depressed, the extreme fatigue is really getting me down too. I also have really bad bowl symptoms during and in between periods does anyone else get this too? My periods can sometimes only last 3 days and I still feel pelvic pain, back ache rectum pain like I'm still on my hormones are all over the place too. Just feeling fed up and down all the time and slightly worried about the laroscopy too.

I take my hat off to all endometriosis sufferers because it is awful at times xx

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Hi Emmarussell,

Having a laparoscopy can be a scary prospect and, while it is major surgery, there are lots of things you can do to prepare yourself for surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is the gold standard for diagnosing endometriosis and can also be used to treat endometriosis. We have a really great info sheet –

The main thing to remember is that you are entitled to ask questions of the doctors who will be performing the surgery to ensure you are comfortable and try to remember that everyone’s experience and recovery time are different and that you should take your time and take it easy when recovering.

Good luck with your surgery and remember that there’s lots of information on our website – including information about the services we offer that can help to support you.

Best Wishes

M Mary

Volunteer Moderator

Endometriosis UK

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