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How to know if you have endo?


My sister and I think we both have endo but after several trips to the Dr, we still have no diagnosis we were wondering if someone else might be able to shed some light. Symptoms are:

Constipated throughout month (although I’ve been fine so far in this cycle) and in the first night of my period I wake up in the middle of the night in pain and spend an hour on the toilet with three phases of poop that I don’t want to do because of the sharp pain inside. Followed by bruised core pain next day.

Starting to get brown stringy discharge mid cycle that lasts about 4-5 days.

I think that’s kind of it.

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Only way to diagnose endo officially is through a laparoscopy. Scans such as an ultrasound can miss endo.

I’m waiting for a diagnosis but my symptoms are mainly around my period and ovulation where the pain keeps me up at night and painkillers don’t even touch the pain. I have a bunch of other symptoms as well such as painful sex and painful bowel movements during my period.

My doctor tested me for STIs at first but that was all clear, the scan was negative and hormone treatment wasn’t helping me. Surgery tends to be last resort xx

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