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So I am 8weeks pregnant and just wanted some advice from someone who had fallen pregnant and had children after having a laparoscopic operation to sort endometriosis out.

Did being pregnant help pains and is it usual for signs of pregnancy to be not as strong due to now having more progesterone in the system ie. Are hormones more balanced now, therefore pregnancy signs not very strong?

Thanks for reading and hope someone can reply.

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Hi cassy ive had endometriosis for about 20 years before i had my son! I was an older mum and very lucky to have him because my ovaries were unaffected.

Id had 2 laps previously and some endo lasered off my cervix - i was going to bd consultant led but ended up absolutely fine just a midwife.

Ive never heard that theory about the hormones before but it makes sense, those 9 months were the best of my adult life ! Even though i was 38 i felt amazing. I didnt have hardly any symptoms women usually get . I went 10 days over due and the birth was very easy. Unfortunately my endo has got worse 4 years on.

Congratulations and good luck

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PS if i had known in advance how much pregnancy relieved my endo i wpuld have started much earlier and had about 10 kids lol

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