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Endometriosis Post-Op

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Hello everyone,

I’m 23 years old and about 8 week’s post-op. I have stage 4 endo and it adheres my uterus and ovaries to my bowel whilst also causing swelling in my bladder. I’m still in so much pain and feel as if the surgery did not help one bit and feel even worse. May I ask anyone, how long did it take you to feel better with your past surgeries?

My doctor has basically told me to deal with the pain because I was able to do so before the surgery, so feeling a little hopeless because I can’t even stand up. Thanks!

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at 8 weeks you should start to see some changes / improvements.

it took me about that to feel better and then a further 8 weeks until I was 100%.

recovery depends on how much you had done and just yourself as everyone is different. my doc said that the body cant tell the difference between endo pain and removal of endo pain so we associate it with endo and feel like nothings changed. After surgery it can feel like taking a step back for a bit as everythings been prodded and had stuff done so can take time to heal.

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