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Anyone used the combined pill whilst waiting for lap to remove Endo? Any success stories?

Hi, I wanted to know if feeling I’ll after trying the combined pill is normal(e.g nauseas, tired, flu-like symptoms). I was recently diagnosed with advanced stages of endometriosis and am now awaiting my lap to have it removed. I found out last week that this will be not until Sept/Oct is that usually how long someone has to wait? I was then advised by my Gp to take the combined pill with no break 3 months and then have a 7day break from it after the 3months. I have started this yesterday, but today I feel horrendous and have quite a bit of small clots in my flow, is that normal? I was hesitating to stay on this...has anyone had any success with taking the combined pill whilst waiting for their surgery? My periods were always regular and I currently control my pain following the Paleo diet (main things I cut out are dairy, soya, eggs and wheat/gluten) so I was only really given the pill to help with heavy bleeding and to stop the current Endo spreading to other areas since each menstrual period feeds it’s growth. I would be interested to hear on anyone else’s experiences with this pill whilst waiting for surgery? Also did anyone continue with it after the surgery? Sorry for all the questions! X

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I was on the mini pill but I stopped a year ago due to feeling like crap all the time. But saying that since I stopped I know feel worse, a lot more pain and tiredness and a cyst appeared in my uterus.

I was on cerazette mini pill on the lead up to surgery....hated it constant bleeding. Now on 2nd month of combined pill and what a difference already. Feel more like myself!! I have also to take it 3 months then stop for 7 days xx

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