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Trying to conceive after op


Hi girls

I had my lap in March and I had a lot of endo which was removed and surgeon said my tubes looked ok so there shouldn’t be any problems ttc. But he did say if possible it would be better sooner rather than later. Its been 3 months and nothing as of yet, I know it is really early days. I’ve got an app which tells me when I’m most fertile etc but Does anyone have any other tips?


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I am trying too my last op was the end of Feb and I still haven’t been able to concibe :(! I am trying everything and still not positive result as yet! I will

Keep trying though! I bought an ovulation pack tester! Clear blue and it does wha the suppose to do! Shows you the days you are most fertile, maybe try that. Also I found in amazon something called “conceive plus fertility lubricant” I bought it and just starting using it today! So let’s see what happens. Have you been asked to get blood test done to see your progesterone level? I had mine and it’s low so i have to try to get progesterone hormones to increase chances before IVF LETS AWW WHAT HAPPENS! 🤷🏻‍♀️

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I used to use apps and then switched to an app that uses your basal body temperature. I learned so much more from that - the initial app suggested I ovulated around day 14 but by doing the temperatures and monitoring cervical mucus it seems I ovulate day 20! Explained why we had had no luck as usually around that time I have no interest in sex due to bloating and we had incorrectly believed we were in the Luteal phase by then xx

Honestly jus keep trying and maybe get ovulation tests... it took me 2 yrs to conceive after a lap....but stay positive !

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