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Possible uti now 🤦🏽‍♀️

Hi ladies.

The last few days have been very stressful with hospital errors over not giving me bowel prep and work referring me to occupational health ( even tho I never have had time off for endo only hospital appointments and surgery)

I raced to hospital picked up my citrafleet and got to work.

I came home and when I urinated it was very painful; burning and stinging. It feels like I need to wee but I can’t. I phoned the drs and the receptionist was very helpful im booked to see a nurse practitioner at 3.20. They think it’s best to check the urine as I have surgery this Monday.

I’ve phoned work to say I’ll be late. They are okay.

I don’t know if it’s endo related but I’m on my period at the mo and have had a terrible period and bowels.

Monday can’t come fast enough!!!

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Ahh no, that all sounds awful. All the stress can't be helping your period either :(

Endo and UTIs can be linked so good to get that looked at, hopefully they'll give you antibiotics and that should help you feel better soon. I usually have some cystitis sachets on standby as they help with any of that sort of burning / stinging stuff when weeing, doesn't have to be the expensive stuff either, it just takes the acidity out of your wee so you feel a bit of relief. while waiting for the antibiotics to help.

Bowels can be affected by periods too; I feel like I need to empty mine more often during my period (tmi) as it just all feels under pressure with the bloating too.

Occupational Health is actually about working with you and advising work about how they can best help you with your illness / issues. I found mine really useful as the Occupational Health person that contacts you to do the discussion is a doctor and knows about issues / illness that can affect work; they advised work with mine that I may require time off due to my endometriosis especially around my periods. Which work has offered me flexible working for those few days a month so I can go home if I feel horrible, working up the time before or after as I know it's just those days. You can request OH to contact you via your HR department, if you feel your work needs advice on how to support you, it doesn't have to follow time off. Managers can also request it; shows some care as they're saying they don't know what to do that's best with you so they get the OH doctor to advise them after talking to you. Your work may just be concerned about how to help you with whatever support you may need, I know it'd be nice if they tell you first!

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Thank you for the kind helpful reply.

I hope you are right. They did ask me before and said they don’t understand endo.

I don’t have a UTI thank goodness! It could be endo pressing on it who knows. Although it had blood in it maybe because I was on my period . I did buy some cystitis meds in case.

My endo is all over on my rectum doesn’t help 😩 sorry to hear you suffer with bad bowels too ☹️ xoxo


Omg sorry to hear that, hope Monday comes round quick for you and you can get sorted ❤️ xxx

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Thank you for the kind words.

It’s not a UTI thank goodness with surgery so close! Just a bit dehydrated. And some blood in my urine but I’m on my period. I don’t know if that’s normal or an endo thing 🤦🏽‍♀️ xoxo


I sometimes get blood in my urine during my period especially the heavy days xxx


I suspected it for a while but now I actually know it’s happening. Sorry it happens to you. Think it must be an endo thing. xoxo


It can be an endo thing or completely normal. If you’re frequently going or it hurts, it could be endo. I got checked for a UTI a while ago but it was negative xx


Hey Jess! Sorry for the late reply. I have so many issues affecting my stomach...you just wouldn't believe it. I also have a very severe case of endometriosis that affects my digestive ssystem as well. First, I am glad that you are seeing your doctor. That should ALWAYS be the very first step.

I am not a doctor. As I stated, the endometriosis affects my digestive system as well. The urge to urinate and UTI can be due to pressure on the bladder. UTI is often the result of the bladder not empting the way that it should. A small amount of urine remains in the bladder after you have urinated. Urine is also acicic and can irritate the walls of the bladder. An old, and very effective, remedy for a UTI or constant urge to urinate is drinking a teaspoon of backing soda in a glass of water. This always helps me and is a great alternative before taking an antibiotic in my opinion. I am not a doctor but, please confirm this with your doctor.

I pray for you the very best for you and that you feel better soon my friend!

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Thank you for such a lovely reply 🙂

I’m sorry that you are having such a difficult time. Hope you are feeling a bit better?

I have bowel issues with my endo it sucks doesn’t it? 👎

It turned out not to be a UTI it was just dehydration; as soon as drank more it was better. I thought I was drinking loads but in the heat obv not enough! Felt a bit of a fool 😆

The op went well; all the endo was removed. My blood pressure was unstable for a while so was in recovery for 2 hours afterwards and saw my surgeon there!!! I had bleeding with diarrhoea vaginally too so I spoke to a nurse on the ward and the upshot is I’m seeing my surgeon in a month and if it gets worse sooner.

The latest is I haven’t had a bowel movement since. Taking stool softeners and hoping something will happen 🤞🏻🙈 never ending 🙈 xoxo

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I am glad that it wasn't a UTI and that the surgeons were able to remove the endometriosis. 😀 Please allow your body to heal so that you do not develop scar tissue. That can be kinda painful. I made that mistake...😡

I am so sorry that now the other end is acting up or should I say... not acting. I have that issue off and on due to the endometriosis and digestive issues. I have started eating mainly fruits, veggies and seafood. My digestion is slow and my rectum swells making it hard to go at times. You could be swelling somewhere. It's my understanding that stool softeners just- soften the stool. A laxative removes the stool from the intestines. Have you considered asking your doctor to recommend a gentle laxative?

The anesthesia from surgery often causes constipation. Trust me...I know. I can tell you how many 1×1" square ceramic tiles make up the bathroom floor. Sitting there, I had plenty of time to count them...😄

I am keeping you in prayer Jess🙏

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No she just recommended stool softeners to take and said that would do the job. And if no luck I have to go back to her which I will do Monday if no luck 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ve been regularly since yesterday lunchtime and still nothing.. only wind 🙈

My endo was removed from the rectum so I wonder if that is a factor..🤷🏼‍♀️

Thank you for the good advice very kind xoxo

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Awww...bless your heart! I am keeping you in prayer. 💕💖💕💕


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