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5 month wait for follow up appointment after laparoscopy found endo is this normal?

Hi :)

I had my laparoscopy in June where they found moderate endometriosis on the back of my uterus, an endometrioma in my right ovary and my pouch of Douglas had been obliterated with adhesions.

I got the letter for my follow up appointment with the gynaecologist and it's not until November! I was told my follow up appointment would be in three months which felt too long as it was, but this appointment is five months from my laparoscopy.

The actual laparoscopy had less of a wait! I can't help feeling a bit abandoned, silly I know, it's just I have a lot of questions that only they can answer.

Is this a normal wait for a follow up?? How long did you wait for a follow up after your laparoscopy?

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3 months here. Im guessing they want the post op issues/pain to settle before making more decisions. 5m feels a bit long... there must be a long waiting list by you

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I phoned them up and they said there were no earlier appointments. I'm just going to keep phoning and hoping for a cancellation. It makes sense that they want it all to settle down though, I'm just impatient and have too many questions.


4 months for me. Mine was less severe than yours and I think they removed it all, and I'm trying to get knocked up, so I guessed they wanted to leave it a few cycles to see what happens.


I phoned them up and they said they didn't have any appointments that were earlier. It makes sense them wanting to leave it a few cycles though, I was due on my period the day after my operation but it never came. I'm assuming it was the stress and it's skipped a cycle. Dreading when it does come though!

Five months just feels like such a large amount of time for a follow up, although I think that's because I was diagnosed with two ovarian cysts at the end of January via a ultrasound and was referred to gynaecology. So within five months of that I had the consultant appointment and the lap!

I think I remember most of what they told me but some of its a little fuzzy. I don't know how much if it they removed and what it means for me. I don't plan to have kids yet but I do want them and I don't even know if my fertility is affected.


If it's any consolation tgey wont be able to tell you much about your fertility unless uou have had your ovaries/uterus removed completely (which you wont have had done!). Despite what is portrayed in the media, fertility is hard to quantify. Thereare lots of women who conceive naturally although it was felt unlikely it would happen. There are others with totally normal anatomy but yet don't conceive. 40% of infertility is due to the male. I hope 5m pass quickly xx

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I know they won't be able to tell with 100% certainty but I'm just hoping for a 'where we found it looks good/bad for fertility' type statement.

I hope they pass quickly too :D all it will do is give me more time to think of questions so at least I won't forget anything.

Thank you for responding :)


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