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Ultrasound scan - is it painful? How long does it take?

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Hello! Just looking for some info on what to expect for the ultrasound scan? I have my appointment on Wednesday and then my appointment with my surgeon on Thursday. I have pretty much every symptom for endo including extreme bladder issues and also pain during sex and so i’m quite nervous about how uncomfortable this internal scan will be. Any info and advice would be really appiciated - thanks in advance! X

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For me I had to get an internal scan done too ( by the same doctor) took around 10 minutes xxx

Thanks for the reply! Was it painful?xx

For the internal yes. Also, I was on morphine too xx

I was sooo nervous for my internal scan as I’ve never even had a smear!! I was more worried about showing a stranger my lady parts... now I don’t care 😂

I wouldn’t say it is painful, just a bit little uncomfortable. Be honest with whoever does your scan though. At one point the discomfort became a tiny tiny bit sore and I told her and she stopped doing whatever she was doing! It only takes a few minutes. I think the thought of it is much worse than the scan itself! Good luck 💖 Xxx

Heya! Thank you for your reply, that’s a great relief to know thank you! I’ve had smears and examinations before and they are very uncomfortable but I know it’s just something you need to grit and bear. I’m just so relieved to be being seen at last! Xx thanks again!

Evening ..

Ultrasound is what got “the ball” rolling for me to have my 1st surgery in March 2018.

I had two ultrasounds to confirm that nothing had changed one in May then again in July. In the May 2017 they found two chocolate cysts one in each ovary.

Really painless and about 10 minutes .. they are usually women sonographers, so they will be understanding if you do find it uncomfortable.

I then saw a consultant in August 2017 and as I said had my surgery this March.

They removed the chocolate cysts, diagnosed me with severe endometriosis and found my left tube is blocked.

I am now one a six month course of Zoladex (which has put me in a state of menopause) to prepare me for my next surgery.

Hope that has given you some insight.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Here if you want to talk.

Rachel xx

Hi Rachel, thanks so much for your detailed reply and sorry to hear you’ve had a rough time but glad to hear you’re being treated. I’m really of the mindset they won’t find anything - as with most of the people on here - I’m just so used to not having any answers! I’m just so thankful that I’m being seen at last and hope this is the start of gaining some sort of answers / diagnosis xx thanks again for your reply

No worries .. like you said I am pleased that they have figured out / began treated it.

I hope that they find some answers for you it isn’t nice not having something unanswered.



I had my internal scan done last week Thursday and it was really painful for me. I'm still in a bit of pain since then, but I think it depends on how bad everything is down there and how nice the lady is who is doing the ultrasound. I was too nervous/ scared to tell the sonographer that I was in a lot of pain (plus she wasn't that nice), so make sure you do let them know... don't be like me haha.

Good Luck! :)

Aw bless you!! You sound like me - too polite! Haha I’ll try to be confident and let them know! Thanks so much for your reply and I hope you’re getting the treatment you need xx

I didn’t find it painful, abit uncomfortable just relax is doesn’t take long good luck x

Thank you! Xxx

Like Emmaquinny I didn't find it painful just a litlle uncomfortable. I only suffer pain sometimes in my left ovary.(where the endometriosis is) in sex intercouse and other who has endo they have severe pain and frecuently without intercouse so I will say that we suffer endo in a different way so we feel the scanner differently

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Very true! My during sex and bladder issues is what is making me nervous xx thanks so much for your reply!

I don’t find them painful and I have stage 4 endometriosis. I do find them uncomfortable when they’re looking at the endometrioma on my left side but other than that they’re absolutely fine. Easier said than done but the more relaxed you are the easier it will be xxx

Thank you!!! I’m sure i’ll be fine and I’m just so happy that I might get some answers soon. It’s such a relief to hear from others who have experienced it all already xx

Hope you get some answers soon. Good luck! xx

I have had about 7 there no pain whatsoever. Even if they do transvaginal one it still not painful just bit sore.

Mayb take some paracetamol hour before u go just take edge of if ur sore down there anyway.

After u been have nice bath will just relax u.

There nothing to worry about though i was in and out in about 10 mins and most of that was her changing equipment to go internally

Great idea about the bath ☺️ - that’s such a relief to hear! Thank you xx

Hi! I have had an external ultrasound which was very gentle :-) if you are particularly sore or they press too hard on your abdomen just ask them to be a little softer with their pressing down. They will need to press a little to see what’s happening inside. The gel is cool that they put on your belly put really nothing to worry about otherwise!

As for the transvaginal (internal) scan, you may have some discomfort but try to just relax. Easier said than done I know but should make it quicker and less uncomfortable for you.

Good luck for your scan and your appt. fingers crossed this is the start to you getting some answers!

Hello! Thanks do much for your reply ☺️. That’s all very comforting to hear and i’ll Be sure to let them know if it gets too much. So glad the ball is rolling now and this is hopefully the start of some answers!

Wishing you good health and beautiful day xx

It usually only takes about 10 minutes, but it resllt depends on the individual as to whether it's painful. I find them quite painful so it might be worth taking some painkillers with you just in case you need them. I hope the scan goes well. X

Hood idea! Thank you!! Xx


are you having a pelvic ultrasound or an internal one? The pelvic one is not painful at all. The internal (transvaginal) one can be painful, depending on where your pains are really. Also, make sure you empty your bladder fully even a minute before getting in if you are having this done as it can hurt for this reason too. My experience was never good with the internal one.. I always felt pain but I guess it's mainly as I had endometriosis so when the specialist was pushing in with the camera in the places where endometriosis was, that was hurting a lot :( I hate going for this scan because of this reason.

But again, you might not feel pain, depending on where the endometriosis is located really. Good luck with it and don't worry too much, try and relax as much as you can. I ask for anaesthetic gel when I have it done now. As it makes it slightly easier but it still hurts. xx

Hello, thanks for your reply! It’s an internal one and external. They have said I need to have a full bladder and can’t pee for an hour before for the external one (which is so hard as I per every 20 mins due to bladder issues haha) and then I think I can pee before internal (phew!). Thanks for sharing your experience! Eeek will just need to grin and bare it 😅 xx

Hello, I know that with the external pelvic ultrasound you need to have your bladder full. With the other one you need to do the opposite and empty your bladder. I'm sure they will do the external one first to see if there is anything they can see on there, and internal one after in case they see something major that they want to investigate better.

Yes I know, I'm the same! I feel like I need to pee all the time :(

Yeah, they will ask you to empty your bladder for the internal so don't worry :)

You will be fine, you'll see. Just relax as much as you can :) xxx let me know how it goes. It's good to have these scans because afterwards you feel like you finally know what's wrong and you'll feel relieved I think

That sounds about right! Okay thank you so much for your time and support 😊. It’s at 4.30 today and I can’t wait to have some answers. I have my appointment with the surgeon to discuss them tomorrow so thankfully I won’t need to wait too long! I’m certain they won’t see anything just because I’m so used to them not finding anything but fingerscrossed! Xx thanks again!!!

Good luck and hope they see something if... there is endo. :o

Thank you lovely ! Xx

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