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large amount of weightloss?


Has anyone come to be diagnosed with endo or similar while significantly overweight, then lost a large amount of weight, like 50+Lbs, and found that this improved the condition noticeably? I would like to hear from anyone who similar to me, has been overweight their whole life and can attest to weight changing their symptoms.

Thanks so much!

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Theres absolutely no correlation between weight and Endo. Im normal to under and always have been and i have the most aggressive, most severe type of endo. But in saying that weightloss for some will massively help! Less pressure on already inflamed organs!


Your carb intake can have a significant affect on endo due to the relationship between Candida in the gut and endo. I've made a few posts on it, so look them up.

So it probably wasn't your weight loss, but the diet changes you made to attain that weight loss that made the difference.

Thanks for the replies ladies. I haven't actually lost a significant amount of weight since feeling like this but I have been both thinner and larger in my life. I would like to loose a few pounds just for my own vanity really. My main issue is that anytime I am in a drs office I get the sense that they feel everything that I mention would be solved if I want such a..large person (or giant fatass as the gyno made me feel). I suppose with all things endo you wont know until you try such as eliminating certain foods or adding in exercise. Will be checking out the carb thing!

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