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Another test ticked off the list in my fight for a diagnosis.....


This morning I had a colonoscopy to rule out any other causes for my pain and rectal bleeding. All clear so for me it still points to endometriosis. Unfortunately I had a negative lap in March where myself and my doctor believe something was missed. Hopefully an MRI next, a cystoscopy and I will see pain management. If all comes back clear my doctor will then refer me to A bsge centre. Keep fighting on my fellow fighters, we will get there x

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It sounds like you've got a good perspective despite all of this.

I thought I'd comment to help spur you on. You're so right to trust your instincts. My GP thought I had endo and referred my to gynae. The gynae was adamant I didn't have it but they agreed to do the lap top 'ease my anxiety' (🙄). I had the lap 2 years ago nothing was found (other than fibroids) and so I was discharged with the usual ibs label as well as it being stress related and psychological. I stopped searching for an answer to my symptoms. I accepted that it must be stress related and kind of gave up my fight. I focused more on alternative therapies and stress management type things. Then my back pain got worse and I was eventually seen by orthopaedics and had an mri which discovered I had severe endo throughout my pelvis. This was just 6 weeks ago. I've still to see the gynae and try understand how this could've been missed. From the description on my mri, my insides are a total mess, my ovaries couldn't be located. From the description , it seems things have got a lot worse since the lap.

For years I've been saying that I feel inflamed and that my body just didn't feel right. I even felt that something was inside me. I should've trusted my instincts. I don't have typical endo symptoms, my periods are not an issue and my symptoms are all month. My main issues are chronic fatigue and hip & back pain and I also get abdominal pain & swelling. I get that Dr's may overlook people that don't fit textbook symptoms but I did have high ca125 and I've had high iron for 2 years despite being vegan & not taking it on supplements, so there were signs.

You're right to keep fighting. You're worth the fight. I hope you've got lots of good support around you and you are able to take good care of yourself.


Thank you for the reply. Although I get really anxious before a test, after it's done it spurs me on so much to keep going. Your story stays with me and I do hope I have some kind of diagnosis soon xx

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