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Can endometriosis cause incontinence issues?

Hi ladies.

I’m at endometriosis centre not getting the best care; thanks my fertility doctor he insisted they referred to a colorectal specialist so this has happened ; they were happy to leave me with severe symptoms for 8 months till my lap what is wrong with these people 😡 my GP has also written to the endo consultant with the severity of my symptoms.

Could endo cause bladder incontinence? It’s happening a few times a day. I literally lost control over night with my bladder.

I am still fairly new to be being diagnosed ; I was officially diagnosed June 2017 with mild endo in POD and two spots were left on rectum . I fell pregnant a month later but miscarried. My endo returned and had my second laparoscopy last March; it was removed from uterosacral and left all over my rectum. I got referred to the endo centre by my fertility doctor who was shocked how quickly it had returned. Unfortunately I’m prone to recurrence.

I’m confused how my endo could cause this to happen; it’s not on my bladder.

I hope a colorectal specialist can get to the bottom of this. I’m not sure what else I can do xoxo

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Hey, theres a fair bit on the website about this and a download endometriosis-uk.org/endome...

I had bladder frequency and urgency but not incontinence due to my 2 mild endo plaques on my bladder. But I can imagine scenarios where endo nodules or consequential adhesions might be putting pressure on the bladder depending on what else may be going on. My minor bladder endo didnt show on scans.

Sometimes pelvic floor dysfunction coexists with endo so that might also be something to explore.

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Thank you that is helpful.

I will mention to the colorectal specialist and I might say to endo nurse it is happening more and not just when bloated. xoxo

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Well worth it, I think a fair bit of the bladder issues I had came from pressure on bladder due to my 3.5cm tumor/nodule and the fact extensive adhesions pulled and glued my bowel out of place into a c bend and stuck it to my vagina. My bladder symptoms and back pain were resolved by my excision surgery. Good luck xx


Endo Specialists usually have a link with a bowel surgeon they use. Its possible to have perforation or a infection. The bladder and bowel sit closely. I found that my Endo was on the tube from Kidney to bladder when my bowel was full and narrowed cos of adhesions/scar tissues that bowel would to twist causing bladder infection and over several days without emptying the bowel I would get a solid type of poo coloured slime that was not like Thrush with the need to rush to the toilet for a small pee followed by bowel pain with a low grade Kidney infecton, sweats and nausea. Once the bowel was emptied after a further 48hrs the bladder would return to normal before the next episode. Over time to resolve this happening repeatedly I have increased non bottled water intake, have 6 small meals a day, increased soluble fiber and fruit. Give myself time to poo and be relaxed. I dont think abdomial swelling or some painkillers help before a period and food digestion is helped by food enzymes on that week. Best wishes J

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Thank you for the reply and well wishes.

He has got a colorectal specialist that he works alongside; that’s probably why I’m being sent to the colorectal specialist at the same hospital. I hope they can assess the severity of my endometriosis before proceeding with the lap.

Sorry to hear you have had a tough time endometriosis is not very nice at all. xoxo


I’m not too sure if I have Endo because I haven’t had a lap but I have many urinary and digestive issues. My MRI and CT scans even show that my bladder and uterus walls are enlarged.


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