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Recovery after excision?

Hi, I literally just posted but I’m full of questions today! I had my diagnostic laparoscopy on Tuesday morning and the surgeon excised endometriosis from my pouch of Douglas. This was the only place that he operated on and the only place I had endo. I’m now on day 3 after surgery and although I feel better, I feel very very weak and have waves of nausea that come over me, with the urge to go to the toilet but I’m unable to go. My gas pain was still bad yesterday but that seems to be a bit better. My wounds on the belly button and right hip don’t hurt much at all but the one on the left is swollen and really tight and sore when I move. I can’t stand up fully straight properly yet and walk reaaaaaally slow... I was going to go to the shop but was worried I’d get faint and walked back to my flat. Is this normal? Before the op, the nurse told me I’d be back to work by today or next Monday, but the consultant said around 2 weeks is about right. Is it slower for me because I had excision even though it was only one spot?

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Yes, treatment will affect recovery time, as does length of time you are under GA, but the surgeons tend to estimate on the optimistic side. It took me 5 weeks to get back to work after my diagnostic and 5 months after my excision.

It may take up to 3 months to heal internally. This article describes the body's healing process and various factors in recovery time. centerforendo.com/is-my-end...

Go gently and don't push too hard too soon. Eating healthy can help too with lots of red veg for vitamin a for healing and also vitamins , c, d and zinc are important as well as healthy protein and omega 3. There is a helpful table in this pdf.



For me it took a week before I could even get about around the house, I was so weak. Let your body rest and heal. 3 days are really early. I didn’t go for a walk until after 3 weeks. I guess everyone heals differently, but just listen to your body. Wishing you a speedy recovery x


Thanks for the responses guys! This has made me realise I’m definitely overdoing it. I’m currently sat in Primark feeling rotten thinking why on earth am I here!! My back is spasming, my right hip and shoulder are killing me and I feel weak and sick. Felt good walking around town for a bit but now I feel like an idiot. Definitely going to rest from now on. Thank you


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