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Hot flushes / night sweats


I’m one week post op for TLH + BSO.

I’ve started with the hot flushes and night sweats that I was warned to expect. I need to discuss with my Consultant the various options with HRT.

My bowel was involved in my endo and I’m somewhat scared about HRT, maybe increasing the risk of reoccurrence of endo and possible irreparable damage to my bowel. This time I had a bowel repair, no resection, no colostomy.

Does anyone have any advice for me? X Any advice gratefully received X

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Hello Janine,

Bless you totally sympathise.

I am 11 months post-op and chose not to take HRT(a small amount was prescribed) I had fibroids,endo and an ovarian tumour.It was a very hard decision but,I was worried about what estrogen therapy would do to me,just like you.The docs are very keen to get you on HRT to protect your bones and heart.I’ve had private checks done regularly to check calcium levels etc and I do not have deficiencies.I take calcium supplements,eat a healthy Mediterranean diet(with the occasional order from Papa Johns of course😁)!!

I drink one to two cups of sage tea a day-cracking for hot flushes.You can buy it on Amazon.

Sleep in cotton sheets and treat yourself to nice cotton pj’s-it keeps you cool especially on warmer nights.

My windows were open in December!!

I’m a huge advocate of doing my own research.Surgical menopause is very tough but,I stand by my decision and the consultant respects that.

I’m not sure if this has been much help but,it’s always worth checking Hyster Sisters website for lots of helpful information.There’s specific threads for ladies chatting about,”to take HRT or not.”

Please feel free to ask any questions,I’d be very happy to help.

Best wishes with your recovery Clare xx

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Thank you so much, I will get going on all of those tips as soon as possible 👍🏻😊 I really appreciate your help & advice xxx

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I am 14 months post op and started on HRT 3 months post op. I would recommend asking for a referral to a menopause specialist as surgical meno can be difficult to manage, especially when you've had endo as our HRT needs are not straightforward. It is particularly important if you are younger - I was 39 when I had my surgery. You will need long term support and bone density scanning and a GP cannot manage this for you, and the menopause symptoms are progressive and although it might not seem so bad 6 months post op, by 12/18 months it can be a different story.

I had 8 months of tibolone to start with. This is not a hormone but rather a steroid that has hormone like effects in the body, the idea being that it will not activate any remaining endo. I then had evorel conti patches (oestrogen plus progesterone) at 50mg then increased this to a double dose, which was better than the tibolone but still not great, so after 3 months of that I switched again. i'm currently on evorel patches (oestrogen), utrogestan tablets (progesterone), testosterone gel and vagifem pessaries. It's vital to have continuous progesterone as this will help to prevent recurrence.

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Thank you so much for replying, I think I do need to see a specialist because there seem to be so many options available. It definitely seems like there is a lot of trial and error involved!

Please can I ask another question, do you remember what your post op bleeding was like? Xxx


I would definitely recommend asking for a specialist - I was just referred back to my GP by the endo specialist, and the GP clearly had no idea what to do and refused to give me anything other than tibolone even when it wasn't working. When i saw the meno specialist (I'm seeing a premature meno specialist) he said that I should have been referred to them straight away and the bsge clinic have been told this and still don't do it.

My post op bleeding was fairly light for the most part but I would say to be really vigilant for signs of infection, in particular a meaty sort of smell to the bleeding as infection in the vaginal cuff is really common. I think my bleeding lasted for a couple of weeks but if you are worried at all then see your GP and get them to check the wound. x.

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Thank you!! Who eventually referred you to the specialist, the GP? I have an appointment with my Consultant coming up so I definitely need to ask about this.

I think with bleeding after the op it’s hard to know what is normal. Mine is light but red/pinkish and very on and off (depending on if I have been walking around the house much) xxx


Yes, the GP did it for me, but I had to ask and tell them where I wanted to go.

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😆 It’s a good thing you knew what to ask for! 😆


Hi Janine, I was in exactly the same situation as you 5 years ago ❤

I use bio identical hormones now ( prescribed by a very well known menopause consultant) I use estradot 50 ( stuck to bottom on Patch), utrogestan 100 vaginally and testim gel.

It was like a total transformation for me using these hormones and not oral synthetic ones.

I've been fine for 5 years, it's not a guarantee the endo won't grow back but it's also quality of life now for me too.

Hope this helps xxx

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That’s very helpful, thanks Charlie. It seems that there are so many options and routes to go down that the hard part is picking the best one! It’s good to hear from other ladies who have already faced these decisions xxx


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