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Has anyone tried CBD Oil and if so did you find it helps? I’m currently taking so many pain killers and then other tablets to try counteract the side effects of the pain killers. I really want to try and reduce the amount of tablets so I’m just wondering if CBD Oil would be beneficial for pain relief at all? Thanks x

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Have not tried it would love to hear if anyone has though, great question!

Hi Emily - i have had several lots of surgery and was a high risk bleed - and instead of taking the 'male chemical castration medication' which so many women are offered (horrendous) I took CBD for two months before - no problems during or after, and worked eceptionally well after as pain relief, came off all other meds 10 days after ful hysterectomy and bowel scrape and no bleeding - at all after surgery. I havent discussed it with my surgeon as it is not legal in the UK where my surgery took place, or in much of europe, but it was a last ditch measure and it worked brilliantly. If Queen Victoria used it ....


Moonglo in reply to sallyannett

Hi sallyannett just a little correction - CBD is legal in the UK (it’s the only derivative of the plant that is) and you can buy it in places like Holland & Barrett.

emily_1 in reply to sallyannett

Wow that’s so good. Thanks for sharing that! It seems to do so much good for so many people I think it’s worth trying x

I’ll follow this... I was tempted to do it too but soooo scared!! Lol

there are different types and levels, the stuff that holland and barrett sell is probably not much help at all. the eplipesy trials and cancer trials going on in the uk are not using that type - it is best to do a whole lot of research and find out which nhs research projects are trialling it and what types they are using. dandelion, linseed and various other natural foodstuffs help - and avoiding things high in oestrogen - such as soya - but - there are also different triggers for different people so what might help one, might not another - it is why for example the minerva coil is so helpful for some and so awful for others - it depends which hormones are best for you - progesterone or oestrogen x good luck

emily_1 in reply to sallyannett

Oh good idea thank you for your reply! Yeah it’s so difficult because no two people are the same so like you say, things that help for one might not help another. Thanks x

I've heard some amazing things about the oil too but just didn't know where to start. It seems to be great for inflammation and since endo is an inflammatory disease, it makes sense it could help. There are some sites selling it who do seem to be showing their legit and if high quality (and therefore not cheap). It's not illegal though and it's not a 'drug' in the sense of making you stoned. It's just an extract from the cannabis plant.

My late night thoughts as I was trying to get to sleep last night was that I'm going to try and find a homoeopath that specialises in endo.

emily_1 in reply to weekari

Yeah it’s always late at night when you think of these things! That’s the trouble isn’t it knowing where to start! Thanks for replying x

I've been using it for a couple of months and I find it pretty good. Not just for endo but for some of my other ailments too. I did my research and a company called CBD brothers online seemed to be the most reputable. Holland and Barrett strength isn't worth bothering with. I use the blue edition from CBD brothers. Seems the most cost effective for the strength it is. They also offer two free samples per household to try. They're hardly ever available though but I found they add them onto the website at night 9/10pm ish. By the way, it is legal x

emily_1 in reply to ladydady

Thanks yeah I had a look I’m H&B but it’s only 5% for like £30. CBD brothers sounds like the best option definitely! Oh do they?! thank you that’s good to know x

I bought some cbd oil from cbd brothers about 2 months ago. I had two days worth and just couldn’t tolerate it the taste is disgusting!! I keep saying I need to try and put it in water and down it but I haven’t done it yet as the taste just puts me off x

Hi Emily, I used a low dosage one for a month and found that it helped soothing and relaxing the muscles. I've not used it since as the producer at the local farmers market run out of stock, and have not bought it online as in some places it can be quite expensive. I have read loads of positive reviews on cbd brothers website and think I might try it again one day. And, as others have said, it's not illegal in the UK.

emily_1 in reply to Flocast

Yeah any I’ve seen so far are really expensive and I don’t know where to start so I have a lot of research to do I just hope it helps!x

Try simply cbd there’s lots of diff oils to choose from, even gummies like a strawberry flavour which I been using. Some of the oil tastes rank I tried a green one with simply cbd, but there are others with mint or lemon taste aswel. They help with the pain a lot give them a go ladies it’s well worth it x

emily_1 in reply to Blossom39

Oh really that’s something I was worried about because I’ve heard it can taste awful! Thanks. It really is worth a try! X

I use the herb kingdom golden quality cbd for my German shepherd as a last ditch attempt when vets said his pain from shoulder problems was so bad they thought he should be put to sleep. It not sold for dogs in this country but there was lots of American research on its canine use. The effect is amazing and he is good as new......took him off for a week and symptoms returned. If it works on a dog I am sure it will do something for inflamation pain in humans. Check out face book page....cbd questions answered.

emily_1 in reply to Auntyp62

Oh really wow! It’s fascinating how well it works for so many things. Thanks I’ll check it out!x

If you’re on fb there’s a page on there with all diff results stories and helpful information x

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