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Pain pain go away..😣😣😭😭😭

HI everyone hope you are well. Omg I have been in so much pain last few days I don't want to go to the doc as I'm afraid I'll be labelled as one of those people who gets a new pain and runs to the gp.. I had my 2nd decapeptyl injection yesterday so I'm living in hope things may settle down.. the night sweats are KILLING ME I'm awake every 20 mind 😴😴😴

Over the last few weeks the pain in my neck in between shoulder blades underneath my right breast (rib area) right lower abdomen sometimes goes to my groin area but what's really getting to me is the pressure,pulling like in my lower abdomen apologies if this sounds vulgar but I feel like something is going to fall out down below..

Thanks for letting me rant at you all just find myself very lonely with this pain even tho I'm surrounded by people but they don't know how it feels to have this constant pain.

Fiona xx

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I get the pulling in my pelvis, randomly and when I go to the toilet it feels like if I were to push too hard I would pull something inside me. I know about not going to the doctor, I have problems with medication where things don't work. No doctor seems to want to listen to me and give me pain meds that actually work. I dont have any advice other than heat really helps. But Im sure you know that :) and youre not alone none of us are, we are fighting to make endo treatment better together Xxx

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Oh bless you. You are not alone x

Have you got prescription painkillers? I find mefenamic acid and co-codimel help me xx


I know that feeling well... I have several conditions affecting my reproductive and digestive systems. Heat, as someone mentioned is always a help. I use 100% pure castor oil in my lady part and hiney part😄... it sounds strange and is a bit embarrassing but, it works. I also soak small gauze pads in the castor oil and place them there at night (of course removing them in the morning). I sleep with a heating pad on my pelvic area. I also rub my stomach and back down with it. I AM NOT A DOCTOR but, for some strange reason this works better than any pain medication that I have ever taken. Sending healing energy to you from across the miles, my sister. 💕💖💕💕

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