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Endometriosis and un explained infertility

Diagnosed with endo in 2007. I am now 40 year old and unable to conceive after 4 years of trying. Been throughh all the tests and Hubby has low sperm count which doesn't help. Our last option is now ivg to have a baby. Hubby has a child from previous so we did not qualify for NHS funding. The cost of ivf is so high. Help ladies.. I really want to try but the cost. It would be nice to experience mother hood.

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We were the same, tried for 10yrs after the birth of our daughter. the rules changed a couple of years ago to say it can be offered for a 2nd child, look into it and question GP.


I just had my tests and results done last year and they told me No. I have to pay. The most annoying and painful thing is that I have no child. My husband does from his previous relationship. So I am being penalised for it.


May just be Scotland the rules have changed then. Should just take a female friend along and claim she is your partner, any male present is just the sperm donor! (http://www.fertilityfairness.co.uk/nhs-fertility-services/ivf-provision-in-scotland/).


Thank you. It has crossed my mind..😊🤔


So sorry to hear your struggles I have been ttc for nearly 7 years and the closest we got was a chemical pregnancy.

Have you had a recent lap to see if the endo is affecting fertility ?

All our tests were normal; the only issue is I have endo. Mine is POD and rectum; I’ve had two laps and am now awaiting my third lap with a endometriosis specialist.

Endo can re grow back; mine is very recurring and my fertility specialist was shocked by how quickly it returned. So he sent me to an endo specialist and the fact it is on my bowels.

I also can’t access ivf funding as I have a child who is now 19!!! And my hubby isn’t a dad; pretty unfair rule isn’t it. You could try to appeal but might not be successful.

I know IVF is considerably cheaper aboard; it’s a third of the price as it is in the UK!!! Do the research 👍

There is a fertility network support group who are an amazing group of people! They might be able to advise you better

Good luck with it xoxo


Thank you. Will look into everything you just said..

Truthfully speaking since my lap done I haven't had any further treatments or scans. It might be a good idea to check..

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