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How to carry on?

So, I cannot have an op due to my other conditions, they think it'll make me a lot worse. I also cannot have medication as my conditions will be made worse.

So I thought I would try with my diet. I am trying to eat healthily and eat more of what I should and stop the things I shouldn't. My diet was already pretty good, but I thought I would cut out sugar. I've done it before successfully and was doing well.

I come on today and I get awful nausea and sickness. I cannot face anything at all, everything is making me feel sick. But I feel I can manage some biscuits.

How can you keep doing things like eliminating sugar when the endo makes it almost impossible?

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a tough time. You've clearly not just got endo to contend with so it must be tough for you.

I've just started the endo friendly diet too in a way to try take some control of my health.

I was just wondering if the nausea could be a symptom of sugar withdrawal? I've had it before and it really does make you feel ill. I didn't even think I ate that much sugar until I saw how bad I felt when I went without. If it may be sugar withdrawal then, yes your would feel better after a biscuit but in the long run, you'd be better off not having it.

Even if it's not withdrawal, it's likely that trying to find something a bit more nutritious to eat will do you a lot better. Sometimes what we're craving isn't what would be the best thing for us. And we have to give our body what it needs rather than what we think we want. Like, there's absolutely nothing in a biscuit that your body *needs*.

I know you're dealing with a lot though so I hope you're finding ways to really look after yourself.


Hi there.

Thanks for the reply, good to hear someone else who is trying the endo friendly diet too! I just feel I have to try to take it into my own hands now and be more proactive.

The nausea sadly isn't sugar withdrawal. I have been off of sugar for a few weeks now, but the first day I come on I have this nausea which is overwhelming and can sometimes lead to extreme vomiting. Smells make me feel sick to my stomach or make me heave/give me a watery mouth. So there's literally nothing I can really do. I have been given some tablets, but it's still there throughout the day.

I couldn't stomach anything else so I had a couple of biscuits as my dinner. I know they will not do me any good at all. But I was feeling so sick I wanted something to settle it and had no other option. I haven't eaten enough today though considering and I feel quite dizzy.

I think what I'll have to do is buy in some freefrom cookies for next month. I don't want to eat those things all the time, but if I just have them for that one or two days a month when the sickness is so bad it might not hurt that much.


Big. Hugs xx I empathize as I always struggle with meds too.

I found with refined sugar that you do get cravings but once past that phase you stop wanting it like any addictive type thing. Things that helped me stop were bananas, dates, melon, which are very sweet naturally, and oats and pumpkin seeds in a non dairy unsweetened milk or cream. I also made a kind of super easy fudge ball recipe with blended dates, coconut oil, sunflower seed butter and pumpkin seeds (or almonds if you are not nut allergic) with a little agave if you have a very sweet tooth, rolled up onto balls with dessicated coconut. Id make a batch and allow myself just one or two a day. Just a few ideas....

After 9 months I've recently allowed just a few processed sugary treats back in (trek bars and gluten free pudology pots) and it will be interesting to see how I fare.


That's the thing though, it's really not a craving, it's all I can keep down. And it's not med induced. It's part of my symptoms from the endo, kind of like morning sickness in a way.

I have medjool dates and I love them, sultanas, strawberries and blueberries and every day I love them. But when I get this awful nausea and I can't eat anything else, I have no idea hat to do. I don't crave sugar and I really don't want to eat them, but I ended up eating a few biscuits as my stomach wouldn't allow me to eat anything else when I tried, even a wholemeal pitta, I couldn't stomach anything without gagging.


I always get extreme nausea during my period to the point I can’t eat or even look at food for a few days.

It’s hard as I always crave sugar during my period so I try and eat an apple or something as it’s natural sugars xx


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