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2 days until hysterectomy

I'm having a total hysterectomy on Saturday, and I'm very nervous. I was awake until 4am last night going over every unlikely scenario that won't happen but can't help worrying. I'm also very worried about going into menopause. Logically I know it's the best thing for me though as I can't continue as I am. Any last minute words of wisdom?

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Hello my lovely i hope you are ok I understand that you are nervous about Saturday it's totally normal I had a hysterectomy last year in July everything was removed but my specialist also my surgeon put me on tibolone a hrt medication it took me longer to recover than I expected my advice is make sure you take some peppermint capsules with you which will ease the pain of the gas they should and will more than likely give you morphine after for the pain which you should get every 4 hours the worst part for me was the catheter very uncomfortable but because you will more than likely sleep after obviously you won't feel it and they remove it the next morning make sure you have plenty of pain killers at home and rest rest rest even if you think you are ok to do something you will pay for it afterwards I have to admit I was absolutely fine even when I got to the hospital i wasn't nervous at all i was just glad that the pain would finally be gone i wish you luck my lovely take care 💖xx


Big hugs xx

I had a catheter after my survery and it didnt hurt though i knew it was there. I found it a total godsend as I could rest up and use the patient controlled analgesia.

Don't try to do too much too soon, a friend of mine put herself back in hospital after horse riding too soon.

There is a fantastic guide to recovery from hysterectomy by a female physio and nurse who went through the surgery themselves. Its about £7 on amazon or £3 kindle and was my post op survival guide. Author is Sally Haslett and its engagingly called 'Hysterectomy, Vaginal Repair, and Surgery for Stress Incontinence' but really useful.

Otherwise try not to get stressed, rest up and eat well for recovery with lots of fresh healthy food with vitamin A, ginger, turmeric etc

Good luck and let us know how you fare.

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