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Recently diagnosed

I have recently been to my GP and was sent away to do my own research on endometriosis as I have been experiencing a lot of the symptoms. After reading about it, I went back and asked to be referred to a specialist but was denied this by the doctor and told to try going on the pill. Is this normal?

I know there is no cure for it, but the pain just seems to be getting worse and I still feel pretty clueless!

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Hey yeah it’s kinda normal to be put on some sort of contraceptive pill at first as it can help with the symptoms and pain etc. You definitely need to see a gynae for this as they know a bit more than a doctor.

Only way to be diagnosed is through a laparoscopy which tends to be last resort if nothing else has helped such as hormone pills, painkillers or changing your diet. Xx

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What are your symptoms? Unfortunately you can't self diagnose endometriosis but if your gp suspects you have it then demand to be referred to an endo specialist as a lap is the only way to diagnose it. The pill may help your symptoms but it won't treat it x

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