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Anyone with inguinal endometriosis?

I have several lumps in my pelvis that can be felt through my skin. They have been there about 18 months and get larger and more painful around my period.

I've had several ultrasounds in the past (before endo diagnosis) and have been told on each occasion that the lumps are swollen lymph nodes.

I've recently been diagnosed with endometriosis, which was found in various areas of my pelvis.

After my op, when I was in the recovery room, I asked my consultant (who was aware of the lumps but has never provided an explanation) whether the location of my endo explained the swollen lymph nodes. He said no, asked me a few Qs and then said that there's no way that the lumps are lymph nodes and he needed to see me again as a "priority". He wouldn't tell me more as he said I wouldn't remember. I've not had an appointment letter yet but it's only been three weeks.

Following this, I've read about inguinal endometriosis online and am wondering if this is what is causing the lumps.

Does anyone have this, or know anything about it? There's very little information online (apparently it's very rare) and I'm feeling worried now I've been told that the lumps definitely aren't lymph nodes, when that's what I've been made to believe for so long.


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