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Good News At Last!

If you read my previous post I had a phone call a week ago possibly cancelling my surgery which I have waited a long time for, but someone from the hospital call this morning to tell me that they were not cancelling it.😊

Now my surgery is only 1 week away and now the nerves have kicked in!

I am having a really bad day with pain and not feeling great at all. Does anyone else get cold symptoms and feeling achey? 😷🤧🤒

Thanks so much for reading and sending positive vibes to everyone!

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I always seem to have cold/aches symptoms on top of others, it’s so strange. I just assumed I got it from the kids I work with who still don’t cover their mouths or noses when they have a cold but maybe it’s linked.

I’m so glad your surgery didn’t get cancelled, mine recently got postponed by a month and I was so disappointed so I can imagine how you felt.

Wishing you the best of luck! x

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Thank-you so much for your reply!


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