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Cystoscopy and laparoscopy

Hello this is my 5th treatment from laparoscopy 4 days ago I have server endo and I am use to the producer but this time they did a cystoscopy aswell as needed to treat the endo on the outside and inside of my bladder I haven’t had this before and wanted some advice as I am feeling really unwell! Is it normal after this procedure to feel generally unwell stabbing pains, pains around wounds, lots of pressure below and very uncomfortable when peeing, also have blood while I poo. Is this completely normal as I normally do not suffer this bad at all and starting to feel like a should go to the Doctors. Actually feel like I can’t get out of bad and need lots of rest. Or I am just rushing my recovery and this is normal

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I’ve had 2 cystoscope done, one while awake another under anaesthetic. I was sorer after the one done under anaesthetic, probably because they could look closer and stretch everything that bit more. I also had a biopsy whilst under anaesthetic. To say it was painful to pee is an understatement, it was like passing razor blades.

I did find though it stopped after a few days but returned after I drank a Coke, I avoided coke and caffeinated drinks after that and the discomfort passed. I just had water. Even now I get discomfort from drinking the occasional coke.

You obviously have more discomfort due to the removal of the endo, can you get any additional pain relief from the dr? They gave me ponstan which I’d never had before and it made such a difference to me.


This is what am wondering is this normal do I need to just let myself recover, or is something not right have I got an infection or need more treatment etc .... with my experience of pain I honestly think it’s not pain killers I need but am not something just definitely does not feel right xxx


Give the hospital a ring, did they give you a number when you left in case of problems? They should be able to help. Try not to worry but do follow up if doesn’t feel right as you say, instinct is usually spot on.

I already had a Drs appointment booked for something else a few days after mine and dr saw how I was suffering. First time around I was given antibiotics afterwards, second time they didn’t, could be the reason why.

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Thank you I will try that and make sure everything is ok xxx


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