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I’m New Here And Need Some Support Please!

Well I have no idea where to start to be honest never written on here before I was diagnosed with Endometriosis back in 2012 when I was 22 but had a long hard road trying to convince GPS it was just not bad period pain.

I then had another lap 2014 and when on to IVF which all failed and was a really hard time for me and my husband that was told that it was a very small chance of ever having our own children.

After such a painful experience I was told I needed more surgery for my endometriosis and was referred to an special endometriosis centre in 2016, which I have all the tests which include MIR, sigmoidoscopy and another lap 2017. Now I need more complex surgery and pushed for an operation date which is May 2018 everything is preplate and only nearly waiting for a year to have a phone call today to possibly cancel it.

I’m shocked and hurt by the NHS, I feel like I have been so patient and understanding and now they have no understanding on what I have to live with each day of my life. Just feeling lost and hurt and need some words of support. I would not normally do this but I feel right now I have not place left to turn too.

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Your definitely not alone so well done for reaching out for support! I am still quite new to this site and I have found it helpful reading people’s experiences of surgeries, medication etc. Stay positive and I hope things all work well for you!


Thank-you so much for replying it means a lot to me right now! I totally agree it does help to read other people experiences, makes you feel that you are not alone! X

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Thats awful! I’d be complaining, it’s not acceptable 😥


I was in such shock to be honest but will definitely be doing something and just need to find the right words and not get too upset! X thanks so much for the reply! Xx


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