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Negative lap, but polyp removed - what now?! (Long read, I'm sorry!)

Hi all,

I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy a little over two weeks ago, to look for endometriosis and investigate a polyp that showed up on ultrasound. They didn't find any endo (the surgeon showed me pics, but I was a bit groggy - she said before the op they would look at my appendix and liver as well, but these weren't mentioned and the only pics I saw were of the inside and outside of my uterus and ovaries) but did remove a very large polyp from my uterus (which I've since heard back was benign). She told me to go back to my GP and start tri-cycling the pill. There was no mention of a post-op appointment, and she said to go back to my GP to be re-referred if I was still in pain.

This really confused me, because it had been mentioned when endo was suspected, but why did she ask me to do this if they didn't find any endo? I went to my GP a week later and asked her, and she basically thinks that I have endo on my bowels due to my rectal bleeding and pain when going to the toilet around my period and ovulation, and that this is the reason the surgeon asked me to take the pill.

I was a bit torn at this point because part of me wanted to let my body heal and to see if the symptoms came back, and the other part just wanted a break. So, I took the advice of my GP and have started on the pill.

Has anyone had polyps? I can't really find any information online, and the only thing my GP, consultant and surgeon have consistently told me is that they don't cause pain but do cause bleeding in between periods. I've had a huge amount of pain over the last 18 months, but no bleeding between periods. I would really like to think that the polyp caused all my problems, but I'm finding it hard to believe as this seems a bit contradictory.

I'm confused about the possible (will I ever find out for definite?!) endo on my bowels as well - why didn't the surgeon look there if it was suspected? Unless they did and it wasn't mentioned. Would there be any way of me finding out? If they think I have it there and I've been suffering so much, why are they happy to leave it? I hate having no solid answers - trying to be okay, but it's really getting to me.

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