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Feeling hopeless


I have had years of dealing with embrassing heavy periods, pain like nothing else, ibs, unable to keep weight and regulary blood tests for iron and b12 checks, triedness, clots and more. Dont get me worry i have been lucky very lucky ive been able to have 2 wonderful girl but lose 2. Now its getting worse so have had tests and received this this morning. I dont want to end up like my mum and end up bleeding for 2 weeks etc without help....feeling abit lost

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Did they do a laparoscopy (several incisions and look around inside with a camera)? Or did they just do one small cut to look at specific area?

Have you had an MRI?

I hate it when they tell you how good it is that the tests are negative, when all it actually tells you is they still haven't a clue what is making your life hell.

Sarahjanehamer in reply to NW248

They just took a sample of the lining of womb thats all 😔 havent had MRI

Hopefully now they’ve eliminated no issue in your uterus especially if you want more children is good news you should be celebrating 🎉; hopefully next step will organising a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis. He hasn’t discharged you which is also great news; obviously he wants to run further investigations he wouldn’t bother wanting to see you again. Good luck xoxo p.s sorry for your losses ; I had one last year truly awful. xoxo

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