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Possible anaemia but can't get a GP appointment

I have been feeling very motion sick/ drunk sensation for almost 2 weeks after a heavy period, alongside blood out my back passage and diarrhoea, now progressed to out of breath and feeling like I will faint. My gynae dismissed it as anxiety but I spoke to a pharmacist who thinks it might be anaemia and thinks I should see a gp. But I've now called my gp Thursday and Friday morning and afternoon for an emergency appointment and haven't been able to get an appointment and been told the next bookable appointment is 2 weeks and the next with my dr (who knows about my adeno and endo situation) is 6 weeks! I'm feeling worse today and I'm really worried that I won't be able to get an appointment on Monday either and quite scared about how it's progressing :( I don't feel like it's serious enough for 111 or A&E, any ideas please?!!

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Hi sorry to hear you’re feeling so poorly.

I am a Receptionist in a GP surgery and I know each surgery works slightly differently but I’m surprised you haven’t been offered anything by way of an appointment, not even a phone call, if you have explained your situation.

Where I work if all the appointments are gone (which often is by 9am!) we have the telephone call back list, which is for urgent problems for that day, which yours should be. (Urgent means acute problems that need to be dealt with that day ie not an ingrowing toenail you’ve had for weeks) do they have this at your surgery?

That way you will speak to a GP and then if they want to see you they have appointments set by for this. They may want you to have some blood tests.

I know some Dr’s receptionists seem like dragons, I’ve spoken to a fair few in my time! But the majority of us do want to help everyone and try and find a solution within what we’re allowed to do.

So please ring again on Monday and explain your situation to the receptionist and say you need to at least speak to a GP if they do not have any appointments. Explain you have tried for a few days to get an appointment. I’d be really surprised (and quite disgusted!) if you’re not able to speak to a GP.

If they are still no help I would call 111 and they will usually ring the Surgery and try and get you an appointment.

Good luck hope you get sorted soon xx



I've been ringing as soon as the lines open but just getting the engaged tone and by the time I get through no appointments left. I haven't explained my situation as they've just said none available, ring this afternoon/tomorrow and hung up but I didn't know what I could do as it was clearly busy so if I can't get one on Monday I will push it and see what they can do x


Yeah that is the trouble now, I get the same when I ring my surgery (not where I work) I’m sure if you explain the problem they will be able to fit you in somehow. Once the appointments are gone then there has to be some way of prioritising the rest of people, so I generally think what most receptionists probably do is that if people accept there are no appointments left and say they’ll ring another day then they know it’s not that urgent, but if someone says they need to speak to someone that day then they really do.

It’s difficult because I can see it from both sides but myself suffering really badly with endo I certainly know how you feel too.

Good luck tomorrow - I’d be interested to know how you get on xx


I think A+E would be a good idea.

Feeling out of breath and dizzy can be signs of more serious anaemia so this needs looking at.

At least if you go, they will be able to do a blood test there and then. If it shows that your blood count is at a safe level you can wait to see your GP - if it's too low, they will be able to get you the treatment you need.


Apologies, I missed your reply! I didn't go to A&E but I've seen a Dr at a walk-in now who has told me if I feel any worse I need to go in for exactly those reasons x


Hello how are you? Did you get any help from GP or A&E? X


Yes, I ended up seeing an doctor in a walk-in clinic this morning as my gp had no appointments again and they referred me there. The dr agreed possible anaemia and said I need bloodwork but couldn't do it there as my actual gp needs to sign it off! I spoke to the gp receptionist and there were definitely no appointments today unless they cancelled someone else but my gp approved everything on her lunch break and I now have an appointment for bloods tomorrow first thing... my vitals were fine this morning except for slightly low bp and fast heartbeat but I've been told any worsening I have to go straight to a&e

Thanks for your advice x


I’m glad you’ve managed to see someone at last but it’s ridiculous it’s such a struggle isn’t it. I can’t believe the GP at walk in centre couldn’t authorise bloods as well. Everything shouldn’t need to be such a battle should it. It’s bad enough when you’re feeling rubbish let alone all that as well. Good luck with the rest of your journey to getting better! X


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