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Hey everyone,

Just wondering I had a once off decapeptyl injection on 11th Dec and it’s last 3 months has my op to remove the endo and was successful. I just want to know when did people get there periods back? And did anyone else experience a lot of the symptoms of the injection coming up to the 4th month. I’m getting very emotional. And heat flushes a lot of the time in the last week and get very nauseous. Would love to know how anyone else on this injection got on?

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I have no advice but would be really interested in experiences too. I am on my way home after seeing my consultant four weeks post lap. My pain hasn’t improved so he has prescribed decapeptyl alongside an HRT drug.

I am very nervous about taking it. I hope you start to feel better soon x

nikkic86 in reply to Kangalou

Well I don’t mind these as they are all manageable symptoms. My doctor really scared me advising what symptoms can happen throughout it and that there is a tablet or something they can give u to stop it if it gets to much which would defeat the purpose of taking it but it’s good to know there is something there. To be honest it really hasn’t been that bad. And great not getting period. I would recommend decapeptyl to Anyone. If u have any questions let me know x

Danx in reply to nikkic86

I had decapeptyl injection two weeks ago and my period arrived today, normal back pain as per usual, is it not working?

nikkic86 in reply to Danx

No that’s normal that happened to me. I didn’t get it if u got the 3 month once off injection. U won’t probably get ur periods back for 5 or 6 months after this one I’d say

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