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How long did you ladies wait for your biopsy results?

Hi ladies.

I’m feeling better and the wound is on the mend 😀

I had a laparoscopy & hysteroscopy and biopsy two weeks ago tomorrow.

On my discharge notes the surgeon says she’ll write to me with my results and see me in 6/8 weeks; I’m seeing her 3rd May 😊

I’m assuming no news is good news and I’m sure if something was wrong I’d heard by now , but I’d still like to hear that 😊

How long is the normal to wait on these results? Thank you. ❤️

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Hi, I Had a biopsies taken on 15th March. They were looking for Cancer. Because I got a infection from the Operation I have been back many times since with pain. I still have pain and 2 days ago the Utra sound showed the unusual inflammation. They had the results but said it would be 2 to 3 weeks before they write. So they aren't that quick but from past experience I believe if anything was serious as their results only take up to 14 days usually less, you would be back in like a shot. Certainly from the time I first saw the Specialist, cos they were concerned 2 days later I was in Surgery.

The waiting is stressful.

Good Luck with this x


Sorry to hear the compilations you experienced. That sounds awful.

I’m not sure why they took the biopsy; if they were truly worried they’d been in touch by now.

I’ve never been a very patient person haha 😂

Thank you for the reply. xoxo


I am not patient either. I get pretty scared being on my own. I feel sorry for all these woman on this site as time has moved on yet the help and knowledge for the newbie isn't there. My Endo has been Chronic from the beginning and there are more woman with this disease now and more with this Chronic form. As you know there doesn't seem to be a fix, the information and their knowledge is often poor. I was told that it would get better as I got older, stop at menopause, there is no sign that it is improving! I feel I have been very lucky with the Specialists I've had and also I had a great job, able to support myself til my stamina gave up.

My best x


My mums a nurse if it was anything sinister you would hear from them within the first 2 weeks hope this helps xx

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Thank you. I thought I’d hear early if it was bad 😊 that does help 😀xoxo


Yeah if it was cancerous or anything it’s usually the first 2 weeks. I’ve had mri 6 weeks ago to look for deep Endo after having it in 2014 and I was thinking I would of heard by now if they found anything but my mum said they would only be in touch if it was sinister it doesn’t mean they haven’t found anything just means if they have it’s nothing serious if that makes sense haha xx



I had my excision surgery first week of March and got mine through yesterday. Hope you are recovering ok xxx


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