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No diagnosis


I went the GP last year in about January, was fully examined and she explained that i had endometriosis and went through everything with me and said to come back if i felt like it was getting unbearable/worse. In the past few months i have been in so much pain, as well as being quite swollen (even after eliminating foods that upset my stomach) i have been in lots of pain during and after sex, as well as bleeding, so i went to my GP again last week in the hopes that i would be given some help, but when i was examined she mentioned nothing about signs of endometriosis or unusual cell growth, if i'm honest i feel incredibly devastated, i feel as though i no longer have an answer to my pain and discomfort whereas before at least i felt like i knew what i was, but i almost feel invalidated? could it be that she may not have been able to notice anything during the test and if pain persists i should go back? or am i barking up the wrong tree if hormonally im no longer suffering the irregular cell growth? has anyone else experienced a diagnosis (/ no diagnosis) like this?

would just be interested to know on what to do now, Thank you

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You can only be 100% diagnosed with endometriosis with a laparoscopy. You should request to be sent to a gynaecologist.

Georgiespn in reply to Lovisa

thank you for replying! would i just have to see my gp again and ask to be referred through them?

Lovisa in reply to Georgiespn

Yes, just ask them for a referral regarding the pains and bleeding.


Lovisa's right - a referral sounds sensible. I'd speak to your GP about it. It's actually quite rare for them to be able to find any signs of endo on examination. x

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