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Infection in one of my wounds 😒

Hi ladies.

Goodness me this second laparoscopy has been challenging; think I was very lucky with my first one not to encounter any issues!

So my wound on my left side has been red and sore since my surgery. I saw a nurse last week it was borderline. The pain increased and I saw a nurse practitioner who has issued flucloxacillin 500 mg x 4 daily for a week 😳 apparently one of my stitches has got trapped under my scab and has caused an infection.

The things us ladies have to put up with 🤦🏼‍♀️

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Same happened to me in my belly button one, I had to have antibiotic cream as well as the oral. Took a week but it's looking really good now x


Hi , Everytime I a procedure, operation, teeth cleaned at Dentist I get infections. At the moment I have a infection I picked up having a womb scrape as the lining was too thick. At the Dentist it took 9 weeks to clear it with several antibiotics and as the infection was spreading into the jaw and they thought removing the tooth would help, It didn't !


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