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I recently watched a programme with people who have ocd. And there are people who don’t have the common light switch, hand washing obsessions, they have an obsession on a heath condition.

It made me think. Yes Iv been diagnosed endometriosis, on 3 areas. But am I obsessed? Am I labelling every symptom I have on endo?

I suppose it’s just another way of saying it’s all in my head. Can anyone else relate? Am I on my own? X

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I can certainly relate to blaming every symptom on endo! I have had a pain in my right arm continually for about the past twelve weeks. Even though it is a different type of pain than I get pre-period and during my period due to the endo, I have catergorised it as ‘yet another developing endo symptom’. In the past week I have finally realised that the two are not related and have booked an appointment with my GP for later this week. I just hope I haven’t done any damage waiting this long 🙄.

Like you, I sometimes feel I am a bit obsessed with my endo, but it is hard not to be when it impacts on our lives so much.

What I try to do is if I feel I am ‘obsessing’ about it too much is to speak to my partner or one of my friends who understand what I’m going through. I find that talking things through helps to clear my mind and puts things in perspective again.

There’s always someone on here available to chat to who will understand what you are dealing with.

It is definitely not all in your head. Your endo is, sadly, very real. Take care and be kind to yourself.

Thank you for your reply. Xx

Ahhh yes paranoid about being ocd! That was me! I especially felt that when a solid friend told me another said I was just a hypocondriac. Nice, eh?!

But no, in hindsight, it's called trying to help yourself with continual education about a disease that has no cause or cure and has an avg diagnosis timeframe of somewhere 7-10 years despite effecting 15% of women, worldwide, in their reproductive years. As you are trying to find answers we do question every symptom to see if there is a connection. Especially when it's been a few years to a few decades.

With endo, rightly so, it is connected to our hormones after all. And they can rear their ugly head all over our body, despite usually being in the prime locations.

Long post short, yes I can relate.


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