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Pain 8weeks post lap

Hello endo warriors!

I'm a nurse and went back to work six weeks after my lap. My lap was on 11th Jan, back to work on 23rd Feb. Today was a really busy day, I work on a day unit and often have to move equipment and furniture to make sure I can reach patients to cannulate etc. Today was a really busy shift and I'm in as much pain as I was just after the op. I can't take anymore time off work, have been using annual leave so I've been working less hours. If I take any more time off between now and August I'll only be paid statutory pay and can't afford to be earning any less, I was paid £600 less last month because of stat pay as I'd already taken the maximum amount of paid sick days etc.

Im getting so frustrated with the pain coming back. I've been bloated for over two weeks and have had diarrhea every day until I started codiene again yesterday and now no bowel movements. I'm so sick of this, I've out weight back on but feel swollen and bloated again. Its been 8 weeks and I still feel awful.

Me and my fiancé are trying for a baby as well, under recommendation of my surgeon, but I feel hopeless as the pain and fatigue are getting in the way of trying.

Has anyone else had this? Weeks after op and still suffering? My sense of smell is so strong at the moment it's difficult too.

Sorry so moany!!!!

Any tips??? Anyone else got any advice on how to heal up and handle the symptoms and recovery??


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I’ve got no advice for you but just wanted to say I’m so sorry to hear it. I am still in loads of pain 4 weeks post lap. I’m not sure whether it’s normal or not. I think my pain is the same as before my op - I hadn’t been suffering with severe pain for long- just two months. I’m gutted!

Hopefully someone comes along with some advice.

I hope you feel better soon x


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