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Periods following laparoscopy


Hello everyone,

I had a laparoscopy in January - cysts on both ovaries removed and general endo removed around uterus. The aim of the surgery was to help fertility. Surgeon sounded quite positive and wants to see me again if no luck with pregnancy after 3 months.

My first period returned late but was much less painful and no clots compared to usual. However, I was due my second one this week. I'm getting sporadic spotting, upset bowels, cramping but no proper period. Negative pregnancy test.

Ia this normal? Im feeling a bit low about my chances of pregnancy and now my periods are not reliable.

Any advice greatly appeciated!!

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My first period after lap was on time but my second one was 12days late. I'd ovulated before my op but the surgery can delay your first ovulation after op.

Best of luck conceiving, I have the same plan but have been given six months to conceive. How are you feeling about it all? Hope you are ok. Might just be late period but I hope you are pregnant xx

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