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Fed up

Just been pulled into work by management to be told I’ve been frustrated, angry and at times rude. So upset, went home to my husband and he agreed Ive been more like that over the last couple of years. Can only think it’s down to the contraception, I’m normally laid back and easy to get on with. The pill is helping with the pain levels. So what do I do save my job and have less pain or go back to being doped out of my head. So fed up😫

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Hi George21

That sounds tough. Hope you're feeling okay and getting the support you need from your husband.

Could your GP try switching you to a different pill, as a kind of compromise? Or another kind of hormonal contraception (I'm thinking things like the injection, Mirena, etc)?

Another thing to consider that might give you another alternative to this difficult choice - with any chronic pain (especially something as difficult as endo) it's common to get depression/anxiety issues too. My friend (and fellow endo sister) had a similar thing by the sounds of it - feeling angry, snappy etc although not really anxious or depressed, just grumpy and not herself. She improved lots after a trial of anxiety/depression medication from the GP, even though none of us really thought it would work. Might be something to mull over before seeing your doc.

Hope this helps and that things get better for you.

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